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Aircraft Hardware Specifications

In this section you will find data sheets for what I consider to be the most common general aviation aircraft hardware. A quick note on picking hardware for new design; make sure that the hardware that you pick is available for purchase. A lot of hardware is obsolete, not available or difficult to find.

Countersunk Screws
MS24694 100° CSK Screw Structural Superseeds AN509
MS24693 100° CSK Screw Non-Structural Superseeds AN507
NAS517 100° CSK Screw Structural Close Tolerance 160KSI

NAS1202 to NSA1210 

100° CSK Screw Structural Close Tolerance 160KSI
MS51959 82° CSK Screw Cres UNC-2A
Raised Head Screws
AN525 Washer Head
AN526 Truss Head Non-Structural


Machine Pan Head Structural
MS35207 Pan Head Carbon Steel Cad Palted UNF-2A
MS35206 Pan Head Carbon Steel Cad Palted UNC-2A
AN501 Fillister Head Fine Thread
AN502 Drilled Head Fillister Fine Thread
AN503 Drilled Head Fillister Coarse Thread
MS51957 Pan Head Cres UNC-2A
MS51958 Pan Head Cres UNF-2A
NAS600 to NAS606 Pan Head Alloy Steel Full Thread
NAS1096 Hex Head Screw Full Thread
NAS1801 Hex Head Screw 160KSI Alloy Steel Full Thread
NAS1802 Hex Head Screw 160KSI A286 Cres Full Thread
NAS623 Pan Head Structural 160KSI
AN3 to AN20 Bolt
AN42 to AN47 Eye Bolt
AN21 to AN37 Clevis Bolts
AN173 to AN186 Close Tolerance Bolt 
Hi-Loks (Pin Charts)
HL18 Proturding Head Shear Alloy Steel
HL19 100° CSK Shear Alloy Steel
HL20 Proturding Head Tension Alloy Steel
HL21 100° CSK Tension Alloy Steel
HL70 Collar 2024 Al Aly Shear
HL86 Collar Cres Tension
NAS1149  Flat Washer Superseeds AN960
AN960 Washer
AN970 Flat Penny Washer
MS35338 Split Lock Washer 
MS35333 Star Washer Internal Teeth
MS35335 Star Washer External Teeth
Hex Nuts
AN310 Plain Castelated
AN320 Low Profile Shear Plain Castelated
AN315 Check Nut
AN316 Low Profile Check Nut
AN345 Plain Machine Screw Nut Fine Thread
AN340 Plain Machine Screw Nut Coarse Thread
AN350 Wing Nut
MS17825 Self Locking Castelated
MS17826 Self Locking Castelated Thin
AN363 High Heat All Metal Self Locking
MS21042 Low Profile High Heat All Metal Self Locking (MS21043 Cres)
AN364 Elastic Self Locking Nut Thin

NAS1329 NAS1330

Blind Rivet Nuts
MS21059 Floating (MS21060 Cres)
MS21075 Floating Reduced Rivet Spacing (MS21076 Cres)
MS21047 Fixed (MS21048 Cres)
MS21049 Fixed CSK (MS21050 Cres)
MS21069 Fixed Reduced Rivet Spacing (MS21070 Cres)
MS21051 Fixed One Leg (MS21052 Cres)
MS21053 Fixed One Leg CSK (MS21054 Cres)
MS21061 Floating One Leg (MS21062 Cres)
MS21071 Fixed One Leg Reduced Rivet Spacing (MS21072 Cres)
MS21086 Side by Side Patern (MS21087 Cres)
MS21055 Corner Fixed (MS21056 Cres)
MS21057 Corner Fixed CSK (MS21058 Cres)
MS21073 Corner Fixed Reduced Rivet Spacing (MS21074 Cres)
NAS1473 Self Sealing Domed
NAS1474 Self Sealing Domed Reduced Rivet Spacing
NAS1832 Blind Threaded
NAS1833 Through Threaded
NAS1834 Through Non Threaded
NAS1835 Blind Threaded Floating
SL102 Grommet Type Through Bolt
SL106 Grommet Type Though Bolt Helical-Coil Self Locking
SL601 Blind Threaded
SL602 Through Threaded
SL603 Through Non Threaded
SL604 Through Non Threaded CSK
Deleron 100 Series Grommet Type Inserts by Deleron - All Configurations
MS24665 Cotter Pin
MS20392 Clevis Pin Superseeds AN395
AN415 Lock Pin
AN416 Safety Pin
MS21256 Turn Buckle Lock Clip
MS20426 100° CSK
MS20470 Universal Head  
NAS1097 100° CSK Shear Head Low Profile
CherryMax Various


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