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John Tremblay
  P.Eng, AME

For the past 30 years, I have worked in the aviation industry enjoying the challenges and experiences. I was attracted by the technology and complexity of aircraft and that has not changed. My beliefs are continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. I value integrity, professionalism and creativity in determining solutions to unique challenges. AV8 Design is based on my beliefs with the objective of providing timely, cost effective support for aircraft modification and repair. Once you have used my services, I am confident that your organization will view me as an asset in meeting your aircraft modification and repair needs.

o Accreditations and Licenses:

• Transport Canada Delegation (DAR 362) Structures
• P.Eng Registration with the Professional Engineers of Ontario
• B.Eng., Aerospace Engineering, Structures (Degree with Distinction)
• Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) License M1 & M2

o Experience:

Fourteen years engineering experience with three aeronautical companies specializing in aircraft modification. Primary tasks were the development of structural repairs, structural and system modifications. Proficient in CAD design and 3d solid modeling, structural analysis and certification. Responsible for complete design and management of teams for project completion including physical modification installation for turn key solutions.

Various projects include:

• Bombardier CRJ cabin aux fuel tank installation
Flight test program for ASE clearance DHC-8
• Dehavilland DHC-7 fuel jettison system
• Flight test program for installation of Boeing designed mission systems raydomes B707
• EO/IR turret installations on mission payload pods and various aircraft including B707, DHC-6
• Cargo compartment smoke detection and fire suppression system installations B737, DHC-8, Jetstream 31, Falcon 20.
• Cargo compartment reclassification including test programs on the BAE J41, Fokker F-28, B737, Falcon 20.
• Various aircraft interior reconfigurations (Falcon 900, B767, B737).
• Antenna doublers to numerous non-pressurized and pressurized aircraft.
• Cheyenne III belly landing. Structural repair to non-replaceable components.
• Structural installation of avionics components in numerous types of aircraft.
• Modifications to Piper Navajos: Pilot crew door, seat installation, camera ports.
• DHC-6, Cessna 182T, Falcon 20 survey configurations: Large antennas, equipment racking.

• Bombardier CRJ 100 auto throttle system installation and integration.
• BAE J31 conversion from passenger to freight configuration.
• Installation of a new fwd crew entrance door on the BAE J31.
• Spar cap repairs on Piper Navajo, Aztec, King Air, Pilatus PC12.
• Bulkhead and cargo nets installations in various aircraft.
• Bleed air cooler design and installation on a HS748 APU.
• BAE 146 large cargo door preliminary design and proposal.
• Convair 580 bulk fuel transportation system installation.
• Convair 580 nose gear collapse structural repair.
• Cessna 421 large camera port installation.
• Bombardier CRJ Ferry Fuel System.
• Convair 580 pilot window frame repair.
• Britten Norman Islander cargo door installation.
• Dash 8 and CL-601 stretcher installations.
• Various bonded honeycomb repairs.
• Piper Cheyenne II cracked door frame repair.
• CL-415 wing tip damage repair.
• HS748 elevator repair.
• EFB Installation DHC-7

Ten years experience as a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (M1 & M2) with various aircraft companies. Maintenance of a wide variety of aircraft. Well versed in heavy checks, line maintenance and sheet metal repair.

Two years experience as a licensed commercial welder. Primary experience was with MIG, SMAW and TIG applications.